Daily Scrum

The Daily Scrum is a critical, daily inspect-and-adapt activity to help the team achieve faster, more flexible flow towards the solution. All Scrum meetings are time boxed. The Daily Scrum is a fifteen minutes activity that takes place once every 24 hours. The Daily Scrum serves as an inspection, synchronization, and daily adaptive planning activity that helps a self-organizing team do its job better. The Daily Scrum is a core Scrum practice. If you don’t do it, you aren’t doing Scrum.

The goal of the Daily Scrum is for people who are focused on meeting the Sprint Goal to get together and share the big picture of what is happening so that they can collectively understand how much to work on, which items to start working on, and how to best organize the work among the team members. The Daily Scrum also helps avoid waiting. If there is an issue that is blocking flow, the team would never have to wait more than a day to discuss it. Imagine if the team members got together only once a week—they would deny themselves the benefits of fast feedback.


The Development Team is self-organizing. The Development Team uses the Daily Scrum meeting to ensure that they are on track for attaining the Sprint Goal. The meeting takes place at the same time and place every day. Each Development team member gives three bits of information:

  • What I have accomplished since our last Daily Scrum
  • What I plan to accomplish between now and our next Daily Scrum
  • What is standing in my way

There may be brief clarifying questions and answers, but there is no discussion of any of these product topics during the Daily Scrum. However, many teams meet right after the Daily Scrum to work on any issues that have come up.

The Daily Scrum is not a report to management, nor to the Product Owner, nor to the Scrum Master. It is a communication meeting within the Development Team. to ensure that they are all on the same page. Only the Scrum Team members, including Scrum Master and Product Owner, speak during this meeting. Other interested parties can come and listen in. Based on what comes up in the meeting, the Development Team reorganizes work as needed to accomplish the Sprint Goal.

The Daily Scrum is a key element of Scrum, leading to transparency, trust, and better performance. It provides rapid recognition of problems, and promotes the team’s self-organization and self-reliance.

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